About Maryland Plastic Products

Maryland Plastic Products (MPP) is a division of Maryland Ceramic & Steatite Company, Inc. For almost sixty years Maryland Plastic Products has been a leading manufacturer of molded plastic products for electronic packaging. MPP offers a complete line of square, rectangular and round cases for encapsulation. This product line is made with the highest standard of material. We use Diallyl Phthalate (DAP) which is both UL-94V0, and MIL-M-14 Type SDG-F recognized, other materials can be used upon request.

MPP has the ability and engineering skill to customize tooling to our customer's needs, to include; holes, standoff, cut outs and inserts. With our in-house tooling and production facilities, which includes Isopulse Type EDM equipment, we can develop new molds and dies to specifically suit your requirements. Send us a drawing or sample and we will be happy to quote both tooling and piece price.
Our secondary capabilities are outstanding. We offer drilling, slotting, milling, machining and the bonding in of inserts and pins. We can also offer bonded cases consisting of G10 material for those short runs or engineering evaluations.

We offer a full line of resistor bobbins both molded and made in our screw machine department. With Swiss screw machines we can offer many different plastic parts with little to no tooling.

Our injection-molding department has machines from 30 ton (1-1/2oz.) to 200 ton (14 oz.) with the ability to run most thermoplastics. With our own tool shop on site we can do the design and engineering in short order, making our delivery about the fastest in the industry.

With our newest acquisition, cast epoxy rods, we have moved into another area of plastics. MPP can now offer epoxy rod from .250 OD to 1.50 OD in three-foot lengths. Larger sizes can be made with little or no tooling required. This is a growing division that has become the leader in the cast epoxy rod industry.
From our web pages, you will get an idea of our capabilities: custom fabrication, screw machining of plastics, custom molding, cutting or drilling. When it comes to plastic parts, you can count on Maryland Plastic Products.