Maryland Ceramic & Steatite Plastic Division was formed in 1955 to supply plastic forms to the resistor industry for wire wound resistors. These resistor forms, commonly referred to as Bobbins, are molded or made on a Swiss screw machine or they are plunge ground on centerless grinders.

We offer both molded and machined bobbins in a wide range of standard sizes. With our Swiss screw machines we can make bobbins up to 1.00" OD and 2" long with little to no tooling cost. Custom sizes are also available.

Maryland Plastic Products is a quality and service oriented company with a staff committed to excellence. With the purchase of new equipment and on-going staff training, our quality is second to none. This combination has led MPP to grow since that first bobbin was made in 1955. Our customers are worldwide, some are large corporations, some are small shops, but each depends on us to do their job on time and to their specifications. For a quote send us a print or sample of your needs and we will quickly respond.

  • Molded DAP Bobbins
  • Screw machine
  • Epoxy
  • Nylon
  • Delrin®
  • Phenolic
  • With and without leads