Custom Encapsulation

Transfer, Compression, Injection and Insert Molding

At Maryland Plastic Products we are able to take our standard encapsulation cases and customize them for our customers. Molds can be modified to include holes or slots. We also have a full-service secondary shop to bond in leads, drill holes and to provide the installation of terminals, standoffs and inserts.

With over 55 years in the industry, we are able to share our experience and engineering of design improvements, which can make your product perform better at a lower cost. With our in-house tool shop, we can make a custom case to your exact needs.

  • Diallyl Phthalate (“DAP”) & Epoxies
  • Cases and covers to simplify line assembling
  • Complete in-plant tooling department, including Electrical Discharge Machine, for new fabrication and adaptations effecting higher tooling quality
  • Quick turn around time
  • Precision Square Shells
  • Precision Round Shells
  • Precision Oblong Shells
  • Precision Module Shells
  • Toroid Shells
  • Rectangulars With Or Without Standoffs
  • Deep Cases For Special Applications
  • Custom Molded Products

Our shell product line is continually expanding with new items as dictated by specified applications. As new items are tooled, inventory is established, and those items also become available as standards.