Cast Epoxy Rod Products

Maryland Plastic Products cast epoxy rod products are made from selected raw materials and are manufactured under strict quality control conditions.

Cast epoxy rod products have excellent electrical, mechanical and chemical resistant properties making them especially useful for: potting cases, encapsulation shells, standoffs, bushing insulators, resistor bobbins, component shells, coil forms, spacers, gears, slip rings, chemical pumps, sampling cells, switch parts and many other applications. Normal outside diameter tolerance is +/-0.010″.  Our cast products are classified into five major types.



Resin Type I

Unmodified anhydride-cured epoxy products comprise a group that include MPC 4264 Amber, MPC 4278 Black, MPC 4274 Light Green and MPC 4265 Yellow. These products can be modified with fillers and other coloring pigments. Certain fillers will tend to raise the heat distortion point, reduce the coefficient of linear thermal expansion and improve thermal conductivity. This class has its greatest use as rod stock from which various forms are machined.


Resin Type I Filled

Epoxy shells are used to encapsulate: bobbins, sensors, diodes, relays, semiconductors, thermistors, chips and many other electrical and mechanical devices.

MPC 5230 Black is a filler modified anhydride cured product for use where a higher heat distribution and improved thermal conductivity is needed.


Resin Type I Filled (Self Extinguishing)

MPC 5479 Black is a modified self-extinguishing rod.


Type II Heavy Filled

MPC 5171 Black and MPC 5172 Red can be used where a high heat distribution and end operating temperature of 200°C (392°F) are needed. This product may be easily machined.


Type II Heavy (Self Extinguishing)

MPC 4289 is a high heat distortion and high operating temperature cast product. This material is available as a filled black product only. It may be machined or ground into many forms and can be operated at temperatures to 200°C (392°F). MPC 4289 is self-extinguishing. Tested in accordance with ASTM D635, with MIL-I-16923E and with MIL-T-27A.