Epoxy Shells

Maryland Plastic Products manufactures epoxy shells that are used to encapsulate: bobbins, sensors, diodes, relays, semiconductors, thermistors, chips and many other electrical and mechanical devices.

Production of epoxy shells is done utilizing Swiss screw machines.  These machines give us the ability to manufacture epoxy shells up to 1″ OD x 2″ L all while meeting tight tolerance requirements.  Swiss screw machines are designed to be extremely proficient for the manufacturing of small parts and also for long, slender parts which would deflect or vibrate when turning on a lathe.

Epoxy shells can be customized with holes drilled in the bottom or slots created on the open end of the shell.  Our standard epoxy shell color is black with a temperature range up to 200°C.  Other colors may be available upon customer request.

Thin walls

Heavy walls

Secondary operations (i.e., holes, slots, standoffs)

Inserts and studs can be epoxied in place