Standard Encapsulation

Maryland Plastic Products feature over 1000 standard molds in our catalog, tooled and able to run in a short amount of time.



We offer a complete line of standard cases in round, square, rectangular and other shapes that can be used in a wide variety of applications. At Maryland Plastic Products, we work diligently at giving our customers not only what they want but also delivering when they need it. We pride ourselves in having the quickest turn-around time in the industry, without sacrificing the highest quality available.  We meticulously work to produce high quality products for our valued customers. Our machine operators main focus is to produce quality parts that they can be proud of.

With so many standard cases to choose from, we can help simplify the design process and save our customers time and money in the long run.  If one of our standard cases doesn’t fit your exact need, we our able to customize to your specifications.  See our Custom Encapsulation page for more details on our customization capabilities.


Our standard encapsulation cases are made with the finest material, DAP 94-V0 approved, MIL-M-14 TYPE SDG-F. This is the best material available for encapsulation and potting.

Modern molding facilities geared for prototype and production runs.

A variety of press sizes to facilitate unlimited requirements.

Complete in-plant tooling department, including Electrical Discharge Machine, for new fabrication and adaptations affecting higher tooling quality.

Black is the standard color utilized in our production. Other colors are available on custom orders.